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Christians at work – a saw point. Sp.

Christians at work – a saw point. Sp.

posted by Robert Hall  Thursday 20th February 2014

February in our house is a time of clearing up.  Maybe the spring cleaning idea comes a bit early, but it’s a good time after the busyness of Christmas and when outside activities are curtailed.  This year the cellar was cleaned up.  Many timber offcuts were consigned to the firewood store. ‘You don’t want this any more do you?’, and piles of ‘stuff’ not put away were put away or thrown away.  ‘Where does this thingy go?  No sooner had the wheelie bins been emptied than they were filled again.  ‘Can you recycle this type of polythene?’  ‘This dismantled vacuum cleaner is no use is it?’  ‘I thought the motor/ bag/ hose/brushes/cable may come in useful’.  I hope you are building a picture of my domestic scene.

Now, occasionally items from the ACTuality office spill into other parts of the house which is the house of many trades due to the passions of its occupants.  Documents, magazines, books and so forth.  So picture the scene when settling down for a relaxing evening in front of a nice open fire fuelled by the aforementioned offcuts, my wife spotted a stray document on the hall table.  Still in clearing up mode she said, ‘Where does this “Christians at work” go?’  Her question was met with laughter from me.  ‘Are you sure?’ I said. ‘Read it again.’  She did.  The document was actually a fine and useful publication from the Health and Safety Executive entitled ‘Chainsaws at work.’

Now, this is very interesting.  My wife saw what she was expecting to see, since a large part of my work is about Christians at work.  So?

For me this is a lesson in careful perception.  How often do we meet with a pupil and our first glance determines our understanding and attitude towards them for the next year or more?  Likewise, how often does the pupil take a first look at us and decide their attitude?  It’s a lesson for governing bodies who appoint staff.  For more on this, read 1 Samuel 16 when God gave Samuel the task of choosing a man to replace King Saul. 

May God bless you as you have to make dozens of quick judgements or decisions each working day, in your dealings with colleagues and pupils.  May God the Holy Spirit guide you according to his perception.  As for me, I’m off to clean and sharpen my chainsaw, having first carried out a risk assessment of course.


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