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Omni-shambles of SATS.

Omni-shambles of SATS.


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from Clive Ireson – Director Strategy

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10th May 2016.


Omni-shambles of KS1/KS2 Testing.


The testing of KS1 and KS2 children this year is an omni-shambles. Everything that could go wrong has.


We have leaked tests – we have children on strike – we have children crying. We have teachers not knowing what level a test will be pitched at and we have educated adults who struggle to answer the questions.


The stakes though are so high – an 11 year old will have his future predicted through these tests. A school will be praised or fail an inspection through these tests. A school will be allowed freedom or forced to become an Academy though these tests.


It is time to STOP and pause.


The tests this year cannot be relied upon. Let the children have their individual results and allow them to feel proud for what they achieved. The results though don’t appear ‘safe’ so should not be published and should not be used to predict the future of a child or indeed the future of a school.


The government must carry out a full investigation of all that has gone wrong and publish that speedily. The government must then listen to parents, teachers, and governors and come up with a better way of measuring progress and standards reached by children and schools.


Much of this work needs taking out of government hands – we have a National Curriculum. Everyone wants to be ambitious for every child but we must realise that all children are different, some more academic than others.


Next years testing should only take place once government have listened and worked with the profession to ensure any tests are fit for purpose – perhaps an independent educationalist should take the lead on this?


Clive Ireson

Director (Strategy)

Association of Christian Teachers

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