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Religious freedom in schools is indeed at stake.

Religious freedom in schools is indeed at stake.

ACT – now to keep religious freedom in our schools.


There has never been a time like this. Schools were part of the family business of the church and as Christians we let it go. Now those who want to uphold faith in schools are beleaguered on every side. No there hasn’t been a change in the law surrounding religious education and collective worship. No there hasn’t been a groundswell of public opinion against how schools are run. So what has happened?


In the governments rush to beat extremism and in the light of the ‘Trojan Horse’ affair it panicked and has allowed some well intentioned legislation to be ambushed and corrupted by those who want religion out of our schools altogether.


It won’t do Secretary of State. Whilst many opposed what the last Education Secretary did at least he was not a pushover by any group wanting to get their way.


As Christians and indeed those of all faith communities now is the time. If all our children are to be educated in the round and their spiritual and moral growth is to be supported and nurtured in safety we must ACT NOW to prevent religious and spiritual matters from being stripped from our schools.


Whilst many of us have worked behind the scenes trying to uphold religious freedoms in our schools now is the time we must all stand together and ensure these freedoms are not taken away. Once lost they cannot be regained.


Clive Ireson


Association of Christian Teachers


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