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A two hour travelogue

A two hour travelogue

posted by Robert Hall Friday 18th April 2014

The other Sunday afternoon I climbed the Worcestershire Beacon, one of the Malvern Hills. It’s a climb of over a thousand feet and, at my age and condition, a useful exercise. I love walking for all the obvious reasons, including the ability to think, talk to God and work things out in a way which I cannot do in the office.  My eyesight is deteriorating, so the view from the top was not as clear as once it was, yet to look over our beloved kingdom, created by God for His purpose, is still a joy. Praise Him!

At the very top there is a triangulation point. Although made redundant by satellite technology, four young people sat on three sides with their backs to the concrete. I occupied the fourth side, and together we surveyed the distant horizon. They could doubtless see more clearly than me, but I perhaps knew more about future dreams, achievements and disappointments. I silently prayed for them. They decided to get up and one of the girls said ‘Goodbye’ as she left. How nice to be acknowledged. I prayed for them as they disappeared into the distance. Praise Him!

The going down is frequently more hazardous than the going up and I found myself on loose stones and began to slip. I found myself running downhill to maintain my balance, very grateful for the stick I had brought with me as a last-minute thought. After a few metres, I managed to regain a safe walking pace. Praise Him!

Some time later, as I descended, I met a woman toiling uphill, head down, busy with her smart ‘phone. On her back sat a child of around eighteen months. We stopped to speak and the child gazed at me with the kind of wonder experienced when seeing an elephant for the first time. As I walked on, I prayed for the child, her whole life spread out before her, again with its delights and hazards. Praise Him!

At our evening service I sat by a friend who said he had seen me during my walk, “striding out with a staff like Moses”. Hardly, I thought. On the other hand, all we Christians in education are leaders. Yes, some more than others, but if we have children in our care we are, necessarily, leaders. Like Christian leaders down the years, our business is to seek him when our feet begin to stumble. Let’s ask Him for guidance in our dealings with people. Even in the briefest of exchanges a kind word can be remembered. Praise Him!


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