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Collective Worship.

Collective Worship.

We live at a time when children feel besieged by social media, weighed down by pressure and report poor mental health. Collective worship offers 10 minutes in a day for children to pause and reflect on the big questions such as “Why am I here?” and “How then should I live?”.

Offering this in the context of authentic Christian worship is not “religious indoctrination” but a chance for children of all faiths and none to develop spiritually and gain perspective in an otherwise stressful day (Parents launch legal action over ‘evangelical’ school assemblies, 29 July).

There is much evidence of the value of collective worship to children and young people, which is why thousands of community schools also have strong partnerships with local churches and faith groups. What happens in schools must be evidence-based and should not be in response to secular pressure group campaigns.
Rev Nigel Genders
Chief education officer, Church of England


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