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Guided reading on the way out - guided maths must stay.

Guided reading on the way out - guided maths must stay.

This assistant headteacher says that targeted guided maths sessions can boost attainment and engagement with maths

The school day begins: laughing children, clattering dice, counters and playing cards abound. There’s chatter about numbers, problem-induced struggles and adults modelling and giving feedback.

Guided maths is underway.

What do I mean by guided maths? Put simply, it is an additional 20 minutes of maths learning every day. Pupils, grouped by attainment, enjoy numbers: playing with them, talking about them, representing them, wrestling with them, and asking questions about them.

It may have started as a way to squeeze more maths into the timetable to meet the expectations of an increasingly challenging curriculum, but it has now developed into a rich programme that neither teacher nor pupil would be without.

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