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How do we get teachers to stay in teaching.

How do we get teachers to stay in teaching.

Teaching is constantly evolving, but what does the future hold for the profession? There are, of course, big challenges: workload being the biggest. “Right now there is greater scrutiny and accountability on teachers than there has ever been, causing such high workloads,” says James Zuccollo, director at the Education Policy Institute. “We found 20% of teachers saying they work 60 hours or more in a week. And that’s marking and admin, not teaching.”

That workload is linked to another problem: teachers leaving the profession. “I see, on social media, numerous examples of the unalloyed excitement and joy when a new teacher secures their first job,” says Prof Colin Diamond, professor of educational leadership at the University of Birmingham. “It’s brilliant to capture the energy and drive that they are bringing to the profession. But will they remain so enthusiastic? Record numbers are leaving in the early stages of what should have been long careers.”

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