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Lessons for those who dread PE.

Lessons for those who dread PE.

For some school children, PE is the best lesson of the week – a chance to leave the desk behind, get outside, and enjoy a run around with friends. For others, it is a frequently miserable experience – a time when they feel degraded, embarrassed, and may even experience physical pain.

Studies have shown that for girls in particular, PE can be a source of distress which leads to them skipping lessons, or missing out on school altogether.

In my own research, I spoke to secondary pupils who both liked and disliked PE, and found that the notion of competitive sport was a clear source of contention. Those who were good at it did not want those less able to “get in the way”, while those less skilled resented being made to compete. They also felt less “liked” by their PE teachers and their more sporty class mates.

Another concern, for boys and girls, was ill fitting and inappropriate clothing and a lack of privacy when changing.

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