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New advice on A'Levels for students.

New advice on A'Levels for students.

The top research universities in the UK are changing their advice for young people choosing A-levels subjects.

An interactive website from the Russell Group has just been launched to replace a controversial list of traditional academic subjects said to help entry.

Many arts organisations said the old approach led to creative subjects being marginalised in schools.

The new more flexible approach allows a wider range of A-levels to be highlighted.

'Wider view'

On the new website, pupils will be able to type in a subject area and see the range of degrees on offer or choose a particular university course and see what A-levels they would need to secure a place.


Creative subjects and other less traditional disciplines, such as psychology, are given more prominence.

The previous advice was largely based on a core list of traditional academic subjects, such as the sciences, maths, English and languages.

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