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Primary Teachers pay down £12.70 a week.

Primary Teachers pay down £12.70 a week.

Tes analysis of official pay data between 2010-2016 also reveals that secondary teachers have only seen "pitiful" £2.30-a-week cash rise

Primary teachers have seen their average weekly pay go down in cash terms during the last seven years of austerity, and secondary teachers have seen theirs rise by just £2.30, according to a Tes analysis of official data.

The figures – condemned by union leaders as "pitiful" – are particularly shocking because they are based on cash values and have not been adjusted for inflation. When rising prices are factored in, the situation is bleaker still for teachers, who have been subjected to nearly a decade of public sector pay restraint.  

According to data from the Office for National Statistics, in 2010, the average weekly gross pay of UK secondary teachers was £666.20. In 2016, it was £668.50 – a cash rise of only £2.30.

But things were even worse for primary and nursery teachers, who saw their average pay fall by £12.70 from £599.40 a week in 2010 to £586.70 in 2016.

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