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Principal - King Solomon International Business School.

Principal - King Solomon International Business School.

Principal - King Solomon International Business School.


Principal Job Description

Salary: ISR  27-33 dependent on experience

Core Purpose

The Principal is to take strategic responsibility for developing an outstanding all- through school with a distinctive Christian ethos, provide effective, dynamic and inspirational leadership to the school to ensure that every student achieves at their highest level,  effectively lead and manage the School, ensure a love of learning and the achievement of excellent educational standards, provide strategic direction and resource management, and promote and safeguard the welfare of all pupils and staff.

Ethos and Vision


  • Promote a Christian ethos throughout the school.
  • Promote  a culture of encouragement, support and challenge in which each student  can achieve the highest possible educational standards and realise their full potential.
  • Work with the Directors and the staff to implement the vision for the school.
  • Ensure this vision is clearly and effectively articulated, shared and understood by staff, students, parents and the wider community.
  • Translate this vision into agreed objectives and operational plans which will promote and sustain the continued improvement of the school.
  • Promote creativity, innovation and the use of appropriate new technologies to achieve excellence.

Leadership and Management


  • Develop, motivate and lead all staff to achieve the highest professional standards.
  • Build a collaborative learning culture within the School and actively engage with other schools (locally, nationally and internationally) to promote excellence, equality and high expectations of all pupils.
  • Maintain and develop our links with the local and wider community.
  • Foster appropriate links with key providers and organisations including Birmingham LA, the Diocesan Board of Education, all relevant statutory organisations,)  and the National College of School Leadership.
  • Manage change effectively.
  • Manage the School`s finances effectively working closely with the Business/ Finance Manager and Directors  and  proactively seek further funding opportunities as required.
  • Ensure job descriptions and performance management for all staff are based on clear roles and responsibilities, reviewed at least annually.
  • Ensure all policies are kept up to date, working closely with staff and Directors.
  • Work closely with the Site Manager and relevant Directors to ensure that sound procedures for the security, supervision and maintenance of the School environment ensuring that all health and safety regulations are met.
  • Manage  your own personal professional development whilst ensuring the well-being of and a good work/life balance for all personnel.
  • Advice and report to the Board of Directors as required, forming a pro-active and effective working partnership with them.
  • Ensure that all responsibilities delegated by Board of Directors are carried out.
  • Ensure the School premises are fit for purpose for current and future needs including site development.
  • Undertake other such duties as may be reasonably expected.



Effective and Efficient use of Resources 


  •   Advise   the governing body on the formulation of the annual budget to enable  the school to secure its objectives.
  •   Plan,   manage and monitor the curriculum within the agreed budget, setting   appropriate priorities for expenditure, allocating funds and ensuring   effective administration control.
  •   Ensure   the regular monitoring of the budget.
  •   Ensure   that financial regulations are adhered to.
  •   Manage   and organise accommodation efficiently and effectively to ensure that it   meets the needs of the curriculum and health and safety requirements.
  •   Ensure   that the allocation and use of accommodation provides a positive learning   environment that promotes the highest achievements for all.
  •   Monitor   and evaluate value for money.
  •   Seek   to secure adequate resources for the school.



Teaching, Learning, Curriculum and Standards

  •   Take   an active-role  in the design and   implementation of a curriculum, which inspires and engages all pupils.
  •   Ensure   a consistent and continuous school-wide focus on pupil assessment and   achievement, using appropriate data and benchmarks to set, monitor, track and   evaluate individual pupil progress.
  •   Challenge   and remedy under-performance throughout the school.
  •   Provide   nurturing and attentive pastoral care for all pupils.
  •   Ensure   exemplary standards of behaviour and attendance.
  •   Monitor,   evaluate and review classroom practice and promote improvement strategies
  •   Aim   for outstanding standards of learning and teaching at all times.
  •   Aim   for outstanding ratings as judged by Ofsted and other relevant quality   standards.



Communication and Consultation

  •   Build   and sustain effective relationships with all stakeholders through excellent   communication and interpersonal skills, taking and providing appropriate   advice.
  •   Consistently   use and develop information and data systems to ensure exemplary   communication links with all stakeholders.
  •   Ensure   that the School has a robust system for the collection and analysis of   performance data to promote school improvement.
  •   Co-ordinate   the School’s work with feeder schools to ensure smooth transitions and   continuity of learning. 
  •   Regularly   and effectively communicate the progress of every child’s learning to the   relevant stakeholders.
  •   Work   with the Governing body  to provide   information on all relevant aspects of the School, its progress and intended   development.



Principal Person Specification




  •   Qualified   Teacher Status,
  •   An  honors degree
  •   The   right to work in the UK, and qualified to teach in the UK.


  •   Relevant Further Degree/   qualifications, NPQH, Further   relevant professional studies


  •   Headteacher,   or  at least 3 years experience of   being a member of the Senior Leadership Team
  •   Experience of working in a   multi-cultural inner city school.
  •   Successful   senior leadership resulting in measurable long term improvements.
  •   A record   of implementing complex change programmes to raise standards in teaching and   learning, quality provision and efficiency and improved outcomes for children   and young people.
  •   Experience or understanding of   leadership in an all- through school.
  •   A proven   track record of bringing about further transformation from a school which is   operating from a position of considerable strength.
  •   Experience   of successful project management.
  •   Experience   of leading a significant team in a school and achieving outstanding outcomes.
  •   Use of   innovative approaches to development of teaching and learning.
  •   Sound   experience of recruiting and developing a skilled and effective team and   motivating the team to achieve it`s full potential at all times.
  •   Leadership   in curriculum development and innovation in school
  •   Self   evaluating, including monitoring and evaluation strategies.
  •   Leadership   in staff and pastoral development.
  •   Successful   partnership working with other schools, agencies and stakeholders.
  •   Record   of continuing professional development including training in leadership and   management
  •   Successful   experience of managing large complex budgets and ensuring value for money.


  •   Headteacher   in a  secondary school
  •   Evidence of working in more than   one school, college or learning environment.
  •   Working with a school in   challenging circumstances.
  •   Business/international business


  •   Commitment   to working closely with the Trustees and Governors to realise their vision   for the School.
  •   Thorough   knowledge and understanding of current curriculum developments and how pupils   learn in schools.
  •   Ability   to recognise existing school effectiveness and bring about further   transformation from a position of considerable strength.
  •   Understanding   of principles and demonstrable application of school improvement and school   effectiveness in schools operating in challenging circumstances.
  •   Demonstrable   ability to plan strategically and to lead, motivate, develop and inspire   staff and to manage change.
  •   Effective   communication skills, providing clear and accurate information, giving well   informed advice to a wide range of internal and external audiences.
  •   Knowledge   and understanding of principles and practices of performance management   scheme for  staff within a school   setting.
  •   Ability   to analyse and interpret pupil performance data and set challenging but   realistic targets and plan effective intervention and monitor impact in order   to ensure students make good progress.
  •   Ability   to ensure a positive ethos and structure for managing behaviour which enables   all pupils to achieve and a commitment to inclusive education.
  •   Commitment   to working in partnership with other providers of education and training.
  •   Ability   to work effectively as part of the school team and with governors, pupils,   parents and other stakeholders.
  •   Ability   to create and maintain a stimulating and attractive learning environment for   students.
  •   Ability   to work effectively with members of the local community in developing the   school as a community resource.
  •   Knowledge   of the statutory requirements and relevant legislation relating to school   leadership and management including health and safety, child protection and   safeguarding.


  • Experience of the    International Baccalaureate programmes
  • Business and enterprise

Equality Issues

  •   Demonstrable   knowledge and understanding of equality issues and legislation.
  •   Demonstrable   commitment to equality of opportunity and inclusive education.
  •   Able to   integrate equality policies into service delivery and employment practices.

Equality Issues

Additional   Requirements

  •   A strong   commitment to fostering the Christian ethos throughout the school.
  •   Ability   to work under pressure.
  •   Ability   to prioritise work.
  •   Understanding   of multicultural issues in the context of primary and secondary schools.
  •   Good   health and attendance record.
  •   Excellent   and unequivocal references.
  •   Suitable   for work with children and Young People. This post is exempt from the   provisions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. An enhanced criminal   record disclosure will be required prior to appointment

Additional   Requirements


  •   A   practicing Christian
  •   A strong   interest in the global economy and international affairs.
  •   A   trained Additional Ofsted  Inspector,   or willing to undergo training. 




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