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Risks increased by cutting technician jobs.

Risks increased by cutting technician jobs.

The role of the technicians in our schools is vital to effective delivery of the curriculum, yet numbers are dwindling as school cuts bite, says Jon Richards        

“Hi Sandy. The lift has broken down. You couldn’t come and have a look at it before we call the engineer in?”

Having the word technician in your job title is a guaranteed assumption that you know absolutely everything about all electric or mechanical objects, even if you are a specialist in IT or biology.

Also overheard: “Technicians? They just push trolleys around all day.”

Well if you have not seen a “trolley pusher” recently that is because from 2013 to 2017 there was a 12 per cent cut in the number of technicians and when the Department for Education issues statistics for 2018 – that percentage will most likely increase.

Funding shortages have seen school leaders cut technicians and/or technician hours.

But this has a direct knock-on effect on teachers, who are forced to perform tasks that they are not trained to do. For example, the vast majority of prep work in science is not taught to trainee teachers – they are just told to expect the technician to “do that bit”.

This might include making up chemical solutions or setting up practicals.

There is a massive skills shortage in schools and the reality is that if you cut your “techs” you increase your risk. This is heightened in those schools that have chosen not to be supported by the technical and safety specialist organisation CLEAPSS. Frankly these schools are asking for trouble.

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