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Schools to keep spare allergy pen.

Schools to keep spare allergy pen.

All schools in the UK will be allowed to buy spare adrenaline auto-injectors for use on children with serious allergies in emergencies, following a change in the law.

At present, children need a prescription to have one in school.

The government said the move would prevent avoidable deaths and give parents peace of mind.

In the UK, 17% of fatal allergic reactions in school-aged children happen while at school.

From 1 October, all primary and secondary schools will be able to order extra adrenaline auto-injectors, such as EpiPen, Jext or Emerade, from pharmacies, and store them for use in emergencies.

Children with severe allergies will be able to access the life-saving treatment if they need an extra dose, if their allocated device is not available, doesn't work properly or is used incorrectly.

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