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Sex education - conversations

Sex education - conversations

… ‘Children’s minds moved quickly, jumping from sexuality to religion, philosophy and science. They asked questions about where the world came from, what cells are and what blood is. “Who’s the first person?” one child asked. “Who were the first people born? Who was the first ones alive?”  And they were persistent in pursuing information that they felt was pertinent to the discussion. Talking to his four-year-old son about the umbilical cord, one father made an off-the-cuff comment about the boy’s mother not drinking coffee, beer or wine while she was pregnant.  “Did you drink coffee? Why?” the boy asked, pointing out that the baby came from the father as well as from the mother. Then, keen to understand better which part of him came from his father, the boy continued: “Would it be my head? Was it my head or my toes?”’

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