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BAME teachers progression.

Five years ago, I was a successful schoolteacher and had been head of department for many years. I wanted to move into a senior leadership role but there was no support for me to do so. Before I had become head of department, I was tapped on the shoulder, told I was ready and given advice and training about how to move forward. None of that happened this time.

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Teachers in 3 Scottish schools to strike over workload.

Three secondary schools in East Dunbartonshire will be hit by strike action next week in the run up to exams, in a dispute over teachers’ workloads. Around 80 members of the National Association of Schoolmasters Union and Women Teachers (NASUWT) at Kirkintilloch High school, Lenzie Academy and Bearsden Academy will take action next Tuesday with the threat of action spreading.                                                    The union says East Dunbartonshire Council has failed to tackle management practices - such as overloading teachers with admin and bureaucracy - which have had an adverse impact on the workload and working conditions of teachers.

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Online hate speech.

Students must learn the power of language – both for good and for evil, writes one celebrated educationist. Without it, they are susceptible to the enemies of truth  


Every day our young people are exposed to hate speech. Often in the seclusion of their own bedrooms. This online hatred is directed against women, against the LGBT community, against the disabled, against foreigners and against refugees. The largest proportion is aimed at Muslims.

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Cambridge University gap in pay levels.

Oxbridge colleges and universities across England are displaying huge variations in the way they reward female members of staff, according to data released to the government as part of the gender pay gap audit.

The University of Cambridge is the latest university to submit its records, revealing a 15% gap in median hourly pay between men and women on the university’s staff – including non-academic employees.

Cambridge’s top 25% pay bracket contains approximately two men for every woman. But the bottom pay bracket shows a reversal, with approximately two women for each man among the lowest 25% of earners.

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Guidance to inspectors on restraint and restriction of liberty.

This guidance sets out an approach to the use of physical intervention, restraint and restriction of liberty that is centred on children having a positive environment to live and learn in, and one where staff interact positively with children.

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Litter picking for Y6.

Tory peer: Make litter picking compulsory for primary school pupils who could then pass the skills on to their parents

  • Lord Robathan said children in Year Six should help keep the roads tidy
  • The peer, who was an MP for 23 years, lobbied ministers in the House of Lords
  • He insisted it was necessary to do something 'specific' and said children could

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Selective schools make no difference to GCSE results.

Selective schools make no difference to pupils’ GCSE results, according to a scientific analysis that undercuts the argument that grammar schools are necessary for the brightest pupils to reach their full academic potential.

The study showed that the 7% difference in performance on GCSE results between selective schools (private and grammar) and comprehensives was almost entirely explained by differences in the ability and family income of the pupils. Once these factors were accounted for, the value added by selective schools dropped to less than 1%.

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Are apprenticeships as valuable as Uni places?

Apprenticeships should be “sold” to pupils across Scotland as having the same value as university places, an MSP has said. Ruth Maguire, SNP MSP for Cunninghame South, said apprentices she met told her they had stumbled on the career path by themselves rather through information and vocational classes at school.

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Pay gap in schools.

Walk into any school and one thing is blindingly obvious. 

Teaching remains a largely female profession.

The pay bill for teaching staff in a secondary school is at least half its expenditure.

Yet 40 of the 100 companies with the biggest pay gap across England, Wales and Scotland - that have currently declared their figures - are primary or secondary schools, with 10 of those having a median pay gap of 50% or higher.

Employers with more than 250 staff are now publishing the data for their median average hourly pay for men and women.

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By law, all companies in Great Britain have to report their gender pay gap to the government by 4 April.

How useful are calculators in the classroom?

There was a time, not so long ago, when calculators were spurned as the handmaid of the lazy maths student.

But according to the latest research, far from hindering young maths pupils, these little magic boxes actually aid them with their arithmetic skills.

Academics for the Education Endowment Foundation also found that when taught properly, calculators can help students become better at problem solving.

Calculators are most useful, they said, when weaved into teaching materials.

Ministers banned the use of calculators in national maths tests for 11-year-olds in England from 2014.

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