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Are DfE policies helpful to education?

Are DfE policies helpful to education?

It's time for a reality check.

There are so many problems associated with our education system, and yet most teachers know that these problems originate in the continual interference of successive governments.

For far too long schools policy has been driven by the narrow agendas of political parties with little or no respect for the hard-working professionals at the chalkface. And thus we have schools forced to model their curriculum on rote learning, with all creativity driven out, and where success is dangerously measured by narrow parameters, which are then used to punish teachers, the school and ultimately the pupils for not "passing".

Our society is a complex one: far too many pupils are losers even before they start school. Their school life is then based on political whims rather on what they actually need. 

Surely it's time for schools to be controlled by an independent body with a clear mandate to involve those who actually know something about education?

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