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Do some of the home educated need more safeguarding?

Do some of the home educated need more safeguarding?

Before I begin, I want to remove any misunderstandings that may get in the way of the important messages in this commentary about children educated outside of a formal school setting.

I am not talking about children and young people who receive good-quality education in alternative provision or at home. For many, these options offer a positive and wholly suitable experience. But sadly, for some they do not.

Today, I want to discuss what needs to happen to more effectively safeguard some of the most vulnerable children in our society who can become invisible to professionals and agencies under the guise of elective home education.

As the end of 2017 approaches, I am concerned that some vulnerable children do not have access to some of the fundamental safeguards and opportunities that going to school gives. We all need to ask ourselves: what more we can do to make these children safer and increase their life chances?

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