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Labours National Education Service proposals launched.

Labours National Education Service proposals launched.

There could well be a couple of years before another election. This gives Labour time to build on the bolder ideas of the recent campaign. Perhaps Labour’s most significant proposal in its manifesto was for a national education service (NES), a scheme to join up the disparate elements of education, providing free lifelong learning from nurseries through schools to universities and adult education.

But this idea did not really get its due, with commentators either concentrating on the headline issues (it’s all about tuition fees) or giving the entire Labour offer short shrift (it’s not radical enough).

Have Labour’s supporters become so desensitised by years of Gove and co that they now self-censor even their own best hopes, and dismiss out of hand this idea of a cradle-to-grave education system, modelled along the lines of our cherished NHS? Revisiting the fine detail of the manifesto, there are lots of positive proposals on everything from early years provision to school funding and the previously neglected sectors of further education and apprenticeships.

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