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MPs call for more action on the Arts.

MPs call for more action on the Arts.

MPs have called on the government to take more responsibility to ensure schools provide the arts as part of a “broad and balanced curriculum”, rather than simply expecting them to do so.

In a new report that advocates for the inclusion of culture in the English Baccalaureate, the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport committee – made up of cross-party MPs – also urged the government to come up with a “clear explanation” as to why it has rejected concerns that arts uptake in schools is declining, when so many organisations are arguing the opposite.

The committee said it was deeply concerned by the evidence it had heard from the sector surrounding the “downgrading” of arts in schools and that the government should take more action to make sure that children are getting access to culture in their education.

“The government has not shied away from a prescriptive approach to other facets of education policy, for example specifying which times tables primary school children need to learn,” it said.

The report comes as part of an inquiry by the committee into the social impact of participation in culture and sport, and is led by evidence given to the inquiry last year.

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