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Myth busting campaign by Ofsted.

Myth busting campaign by Ofsted.

The non-ministerial government department launched the scheme 18 months ago to give advice to teachers about what it does - and doesn’t - expect of them during the inspection process and to address any negativity towards Ofsted.

The organisation has now given its first update into whether the campaign was having an effect in a recent blog post by its director of education, Sean Harford.

He said most of the myths they were attempting to debunk had been successfully tackled. For instance, 81 per cent of teachers know that Ofsted don’t require individual lesson plans and 70 per cent are aware that Ofsted don’t grade individual lessons, according to a survey of teachers released last month (July).

However, Harford admitted there was still much more work to do as the survey also revealed 70 per cent of teachers still mistakenly believe Ofsted has a "preferred, child-centred, style of teaching". And only 56 per cent appreciated that most Ofsted inspection teams "include a serving school teacher".

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