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School leaders forced out because of Ofsted?

School leaders forced out because of Ofsted?

Amanda Spielman must see that, while Inspections may not directly cause heads to lose their jobs, 'busloads' of school leaders are forced out because Ofsted judgements undermined them, writes ASCL leader Geoff Barton

I no longer cringe when, amid a discussion about current education policy, someone opens the cliché locker and churns out “well, you don’t fatten a pig by weighing it”.

As with “been there, got the T-shirt” and “like Marmite: you love it or hate it”, that “fatten the pig” aphorism is one of those platitudes, one of those tedious phrases, that really ought to be consigned to cliché heaven.

But such is our preoccupation with measuring things in the English education system that so many conversations end up involving that phrase.

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