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Updated guidance on making complaints about OFSTED.

Updated guidance on making complaints about OFSTED.


We aim to carry out all of our work to a high standard but recognise that, occasionally, concerns may arise about our actions or the conduct of our staff. This policy sets out our approach and procedures for handling complaints about Ofsted.

2. Our definition of a complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction about our actions that requires an investigation. We take complaints seriously and do what we can to resolve issues of concern promptly.

3. However, importantly, we will not change our inspection judgements or regulatory decisions simply because they are disappointing to the provider or user of a service, or because improvements in provision have been made since the inspection or are promised in the future.


4. If you complain to us, we will:


deal with your complaint fairly, thoroughly and objectively


where appropriate, acknowledge if our work has not met our usual high standards and take steps to remedy the situation


learn from complaints to improve the way we work and how our staff carry out their roles


respect confidentiality as far as possible, both for those who complain and those who are the subject of a complaint. However, the identity of complainants will be revealed to the persons complained about when their response is essential in order for us to investigate and respond fully and fairly to your concerns


aim to resolve your complaint without the need for you to seek advice from third parties.


Read the full updated guidance.


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