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DfE releases results early.

TES is reporting that a number of schools have been able to access their Sats results ahead of them being officially published because of a blunder on a Government website.

The Department for Education confirmed that during testing of the Standards and Testing Agency’s system “a small number” school results from key stage two Sats were accessed.

The results were available on the NCA (National Curriculum Assessment) Tools site which schools use to receive their results on Friday.

The results are due to be published on the site on Tuesday July 10 at 7.30am.

Debbie Wylie, principal of Cramlington Village Primary, in Cramlington, near Newcastle, told Tes 

“It gives some people a head start,” she said. “It just seems wrong when we have to follow so many procedures and rules to make sure everything is standardised.

“Then something happens in the administration and some people can get results early. If schools had done anything like this then our SATs results would be declared null and void. It just seems like double standards.” 

A Department for Education spokesman said: “This was quickly rectified and affected schools have been advised to check the NCA Tools system on Tuesday 10 July to ensure they have final results.”

Inspection outcomes

Table 2: Full   inspections in the academic year 2017/18 (at 30 June 2018) by phase of   education          
Phase: All   Number of schools inspected   Number of inspections   Percentage of inspections
        Outstanding Good Requires improvement Inadequate   Outstanding Good Requires improvement Inadequate
Overall   effectiveness   2,042   132 960 764 186   6 47 37 9
Outcomes for   children and learners   2,042   133 935 815 159   7 46 40 8
Quality of   teaching, learning and assessment   2,042   134 975 793 140   7 48 39 7
Personal   development, behaviour and welfare   2,042   279 1,268 414 81   14 62 20 4
Effectiveness of   leadership and management   2,042   191 1,036 665 150   9 51 33 7
16 to 19 study   programmes (where applicable)   351   49 210 77 15   14 60 22 4
Early years   provision (where applicable)   1,318   140 890 246 42   11 68 19 3
                          Source: Ofsted inspections
1.   Percentages are rounded and may not add to 100. Percentages where numbers are   low, should be treated with caution.              

Amanda Spielman - Chief Inspector speaks on Britis Values, RE and Faith Schools.

'It is regrettable that we at Ofsted are experiencing increasing hostility from a few schools to law and policy that do not fit well with the preferences of the most conservative religious groups, and to the parts of government that inspect and regulate. Some groups are quick to allege bias or antagonism on the part of inspectors, and sometimes simply to misrepresent the inspection process. The fact that we have found significant shortcomings in a relatively high proportion of schools in the independent sector is alleged to be evidence of a bias against religion, even though no such difference is identifiable in outcomes for schools in the state sector. Our inspectors find and report on truth as they see it, in line with the law.'

Read the whole speech.

Termination Warning Notice.


Termination Warning Notice to the Members and Directors of Sandymoor Free School

In accordance with section 2A of the Academies Act 2010 any funding agreement of an academy may be terminated by the Secretary of State where special measures are required to be taken by the academy or the academy requires significant improvement and the Chief Inspector of Ofsted has given notice of that under section 13(3) (a) of the Education Act 2005.

Read the full letter.



School exclusion policy "illegal".

A grammar school that forced out pupils unlikely to achieve high grades in their A-Levels acted illegally, an independent inquiry has found.

The policy at St Olave's school in London from 2010 to 2017 meant pupils were treated as "collateral damage", the Bromley council report said.

Excluding pupils "based on academic ability" breaches the Education Act.

The headmaster who oversaw the policy said he did not know it was illegal. The school fully accepts the findings.

'Distraught pupils crying'

Christine Whatford CBE, who conducted the inquiry, said pupils were threatened with exclusion despite suffering depression, anxiety or trauma.

Read more.


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