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Faith films

Faith films

‘First up is "Son of God," a two-hour movie highlighting key events in Jesus' life, ministry and death, to open nationally on Feb. 28 after a publicity buildup specifically aimed at Christians.  That will be followed by two more feature films retelling the well-known Old Testament stories of Noah and "Exodus," featuring the great flood and Moses leading the children of Israel from Egypt.  Is the 2014 release of Bible-themed films a trend? "It certainly looks like it," said Elijah Davidson, co-director of the Reel Spirituality Program at Fuller Seminary's Brehm Center for Worship and the Arts in Pasadena, Calif. "There are more of these films coming out this year than we have normally seen."  But the reasons for Hollywood's recent embrace of the Bible vary from seeing the good book as a vehicle for great storytelling to a more deliberate purpose of using the powerful medium of film to spread a religious message.’

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