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A mothers place 'in the home'?

A mothers place 'in the home'?

A woman's place may no longer be in the home - but if she has pre-school children, it should be, according to an annual survey of social attitudes.

Only 7% of British Social Attitudes survey interviewees felt mothers of under-5s should have full-time jobs.

Part-time work was judged acceptable by 38% - but one in three felt those with under-5s should be stay-at-home mums.

Meanwhile, 72% disagreed that "a man's job is to earn money - a woman's job is to look after home and family".

Older people, unqualified people and those on lower incomes were more likely to support a traditional view of women as homemakers and men as breadwinners.


A representative random sample of 3,988 adults were interviewed between July and October 2017.

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