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Teaching needs magic and mavericks

Teaching needs magic and mavericks

“Schooling is mostly learning about how to follow rules, and a lot of these teachers that we love break those rules: Mr Keating in Dead Poets Society, Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act II,” argues Beth Marshall, associate professor of education at Simon Fraser University in Canada. “These teachers who break the rules, who ask us to do something extraordinary within a school setting, they stick with us.”  This theme can also be seen in our timeless My Best Teacher series, which has for decades allowed the great, the good and the luvvies to thank their own maverick teachers for putting them on the path to fame, success and wealth.  Could there be a better antidote to England’s forthcoming exam results season and its usual round of self-flagellation over rigour, grade inflation and teaching to the test? At this time of year, it’s worth remembering that most people don’t remember their favourite teacher as the one who nudged them over the grade boundary in GCSE geography.  More often it is the teacher who inspired love for a subject, who went the extra mile, who took them on an extraordinary field trip, who metaphorically tore up the curriculum.

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