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Volunteers needed for Uganda programme.

Volunteers needed for Uganda programme.

We are currently looking for TWO long term volunteers to work on projects with our Ugandan team. The one year programme includes free accommodation, a weekly allowance and flights. You will provide support and training to teachers in under-resourced rural schools, which will go on to impact hundreds of teachers and thousands of children across Uganda. How can I apply to RedEarth Education Volunteer Programme? Applications to the 2016 Programme are now open. To apply please submit a REdTeachers application form here, or send your CV and Cover Letter to Applications close 30th April 2016. Why should I join RedEarth Education? RedEarth Education offers volunteers the chance to make a real difference in an education system where 80% of children do not finish primary school. Working closely with rural schools, you will help teachers develop and improve their practices, and create a positive learning environment in which children want to come to school and enjoy learning. Helping these children remain in school is crucial to improving their life chances and helping their families escape the cycle of poverty. By bringing about change at a grassroots level, a chain of learning is carried from teachers to the schools in their region, meaning that the training our volunteers deliver goes on to impact hundreds of teachers and thousands of children across Uganda. How will the RedEarth Education Volunteer Programme help me grow professionally? During your time with RedEarth, you will gain unique skills that are invaluable to your future teaching career. The skills you learn will enable you to take leadership within schools and implement positive change. You will play a central role in devising and implementing strategies aimed at improving teaching in rural schools, and will deliver training to a range of teachers. You will learn to apply creativity to your teaching approach, and develop a capacity for flexibility – an essential quality for leading diverse teams of educators towards excellent learning outcomes. You will gain unique experience in:  Writing and action plans to improve teaching practices  Observing schools and providing individual feedback to teachers  Supporting Headteachers in developing systems and management strategies  Supporting schools in implementing change  Delivering small in-school training and central training to large groups  Assisting with lesson planning in a variety of subjects and classes Assisting teachers to deliver lessons to classes containing children with a range of ages e.g. 12- 17 years

Who are we looking for? Candidates must be qualified teachers currently working in the UK, with at least 3 years’ experience (primary or secondary), and must be able to commit to a one year placement in Uganda. We are looking for educators who are committed to long-term change and have the perseverance to work hard in challenging situations. What does the RedEarth Education Volunteer Programme entail? This is a one year commitment during which our volunteers provide support and training, under the direction of the RedEarth Team, to teachers in under-resourced, overcrowded rural schools. As qualified teachers, our volunteers use their professional knowledge and experience to support schools in improving their teaching practices, using strategies to engage and inspire students, and motivate them to achieve their highest potential. Volunteers will be asked to: 1. Deliver training and workshops to local teachers, helping them develop new skills, build confidence in their work and motivate them to continue improving their teaching. 2. Monitor and support schools on a regular basis, assisting teachers in implementing these changes within their classrooms 3. Undertake assessments to ensure that schools are implementing these changes and achieving the goals that have been set by RedEarth 4. Create locally sourced learning materials, aids and resources which help children be more active and independent in lessons.

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