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Apprenticeship Reform Programme.

Apprenticeship Reform Programme.

What is the Programme doing to achieve all the measures associated with this objective?
• Our full approach is set out in English Apprenticeships: our 2020 Vision.
• Changes to funding policy and the development of the Apprenticeship Service will give employers more control of their funding and access to more information, enabling them to become more informed purchasers of provision.
• The implementation of the levy will ensure funding is placed on a sustainable footing to deliver this growth.
• The Programme is undertaking a comprehensive range of activity to promote apprenticeships to all employers, and to individuals, including young people. For the latter group we will develop support for schools and intermediaries to provide appropriate advice and guidance.
• Where appropriate, employers will be encouraged to develop standards if their sector requirements are not met by the current portfolio of frameworks or standards, putting the apprenticeships offer on a high quality footing that will meet employers’ skills needs.
• By raising the profile and visibility of high quality apprenticeships success, we will support apprenticeships to be increasingly recognised as a respected route to a successful career and increase employer understanding of the opportunities that apprenticeships present to their businesses.
• The Programme will increase the supply of candidates that are a good fit by ensuring appropriate information is available and that support and advice supports preparation for apprenticeships, including referrals to work readiness programmes such as Traineeships where appropriate.

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