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Children on Brexit.

Children on Brexit.

As #Brexit tensions escalate to new heights in advance of the UK’s potential departure from the EU on Halloween, a poll of British school children today revealed their greatest worries about Brexit.


Quick revision and learning website, Education Quizzes, surveyed 602 school children aged 5–17 in the week ending 7 September and the results suggest they have a firmer grasp of economics than many grown-ups might think.


38% of the kids polled said the main impact of leaving the EU will be that everything will cost more - a risk which may prove very real if a tanking Pound and the imposition of WTO tariffs drive up the cost of Britain’s imports.


Meanwhile, 16% of the pupils polled said that one consequence of Britain leaving the EU is that Europeans will no longer like us. In a similar vein, 14% of those polled think that the UK leaving the EU will mean no more holidays in Europe. Zut alors!


It’s hard to know whether they’re rubbing their hands with glee, or disappointed, but 11% of kids think they will no longer need to study foreign languages from November on, as Brexit will mean we’re less likely to need them. 


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