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Dyslexia awareness week.

Dyslexia awareness week.

This week we need to recognise successes, but also acknowledge the failures when it comes to support for students with dyslexia, says Christopher Rossiter

Dyslexia Awareness Week is a time to celebrate the endeavour of people with literacy difficulties and their perseverance, particularly in education.

This year’s theme of Dyslexia Awareness Week is "positive dyslexia" but, for me, any positivity is juxtaposed with my experience of working in schools across the country with the Driver Youth Trust. While there is much to celebrate in the individual stories of success, I know that there are storm clouds on the horizon; I sometimes find myself wondering whether that storm is already here. 

Dyslexia aware?

For example, this year saw the demise of Dyslexia Action, a charity that had been at the heart of the sector and a significant provider of assessment and support services to people with dyslexia and their families. This loss means that the thousands of people assessed and supported by Dyslexia Action could not only have lost money but they may have also lost the support to help with literacy and other skills essential in school and work.

I also see a lack of capacity for Sendcos to directly support their teaching colleagues in the classroom. They are often unable to give effective supervision to teaching assistants in delivering interventions in the exacting way that’s often required.

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