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Eton and the cabinet.

Eton and the cabinet.

Charles Moore wrote an article last week about the historic over-representation of Etonians in government. It was headlined: “With Etonians shunned in the modern cabinet, where will the new talent come from?”

Oh how we laughed, the sad bitter laugh of a broken system. Here are some of the places I would rather pull talent from over Eton: my local Harvester, the inpatients of my local maternity ward, my brother’s Narcotics Anonymous group. Also I’d like to speak up for the fellow I met yesterday at Heathrow who piled so many bags on to a trolley and drove it masterfully through a crowd of angry, tired travellers without even a furrowed brow. Put him in charge of the trains.

The most recent Etonians to grace us in cabinet were Messrs Johnson and Cameron. Ofsted should be placing Eton in special measures for producing these two who engaged in a 10-year game of whiff-waff, willy-waving rivalry that marched our country off a cliff and then sodded off to write words in sheds for loads of money. Eton created leaders all right, but I suggest in future that the school focuses on quality, not quantity.

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