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Lessons from a Tuk-Tuk

Lessons from a Tuk-Tuk

If children can't get to lessons, a project in rural Cambodia is showing how lessons can be brought to them.

Tuk- tuks, the motorised rickshaws used across south-east Asia, are delivering textbooks and lessons to remote villages in a scheme known as "Book Book Tuk-Tuk".

It can be difficult and expensive for students to get an education in rural Cambodia and a school in Takhmau, south of Phnom Penh is experimenting with taking lessons directly to them.

Kuma Cambodia, a school founded in 2012 by the Norwegian Association for Private Initiative in Cambodia (NAPIC), decided to dispatch libraries on wheels to remote areas, to bring books to rural children.

The Book Book Tuk Tuk project, working with village chiefs to encourage participation, sends out tuk-tuks staffed by Cambodian volunteers, many of whom are just out of school themselves.

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