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Ofsted Curriculum Review latest report.

Ofsted Curriculum Review latest report.

In January 2017, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector commissioned a major research study into the curriculum. The purpose of this research was to ensure that Ofsted could assess the quality of education in a valid and reliable way. Because a refocus on the curriculum – the substance of what is taught in schools – has been at the heart of our recent proposals for the new education inspection framework (EIF), the evidence from this study will play a prominent part in how inspectors will inspect the quality of education in the future.

We carried out the study in three distinct phases. We visited 40 schools in phase 1,

1 23 schools in phase 22 and 64 schools in phase 3. In phase 1, the research attempted to understand the current state of curricular thinking in schools. It found that many schools were prioritising test and exam results and teaching a curriculum that was narrowly focused on those tests and exams instead of thinking about the substance of education – knowledge, skills and progression.

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