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School inspections - a guide for parents.

School inspections - a guide for parents.

Why does Ofsted inspect schools?
We inspect schools to provide information to parents, to promote improvement and
to hold schools to account for the public money they receive. School inspections are
required by law. We provide an independent assessment of the quality and standards
of education in schools, and check whether pupils are achieving as much as they
Who inspects schools?
Her Majesty’s Inspectors and Ofsted Inspectors (who in most cases are serving
school leaders who inspect for Ofsted for an agreed number of days each year) carry
out the inspections. All inspectors have been trained to, and assessed against,
Ofsted’s standards.
When do inspections happen and how long do they last?
A school that was judged to be outstanding at its last inspection is exempt from
routine inspection. We will not normally inspect exempt schools unless we have a
concern about their performance. Ofsted will also carry out an annual assessment of
an exempt school’s performance (from the third year after the school’s last
inspection) to determine whether an inspection might be necessary. Exempt schools
continue to be inspected as part of Ofsted’s programme of surveys of curriculum
subjects and aspects of the curriculum. Exemption from inspection does not apply to
maintained nursery schools, special schools or pupil referral units.
A school judged to be good at its last inspection normally receives a short inspection
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