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Shine in Schools.

Shine in Schools.

Shine in Schools is a 3 week video resource that is designed for use in groups in secondary schools. This year’s videos have just been released and as a team we are excited about the impact they could have, but we do need help in letting people know about Shine. Is this something that you could help us with please through your channels and networks? Actuality seems like an obvious place, but I am not sure under which heading it would sit. Christian teachers are key practitioners or gate-keepers for Christian groups in schools so being able to let them know about Shine would be amazing.


The theme this year is ‘Fearless’ and for groups that are made up of mainly non-Christian young people, the videos explore the difference that Jesus can make to the everyday fears they face – fears of failure, rejection, the unknown etc. Left unchecked these fears can have an impact on young people’s well being and mental health.


And for groups that consist of mainly Christian young people, a separate set of videos address the fears that they may have about sharing their faith with their friends.


To give you a bit more information, I have attached an information sheet.


Here is a link to the Scripture Union website that has more information and links to the Shine website itself:


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