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Shortage of school places.

Shortage of school places.

More than half a million families were told on Friday which secondary school their child would go to in September.

National Offer Day can be an anxious time for many parents, and now with secondary school pupil numbers on the rise, parents in some parts of England have even more to worry about.

This year, for the first time, Hertfordshire County Council has failed to allocate all children a school place. Nearly 200 families are in limbo waiting to hear where their child will be for the start of the autumn term.


So why are more children missing out on places at their preferred schools? Quite simply, there are more pupils entering secondary school than in previous years, making the competition tougher.

And in some cities, the provision of school places is failing to keep up with a population bulge which is now moving into secondary education. Often, more housing is approved before a new school has opened up, making matters worse

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