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Tuition fees argument.

Tuition fees argument.

University tuition fees in England have become a political battleground - with renewed calls that they should be scrapped.

When they were increased a few years ago to £9,000 they became a literal battleground, with activists clashing with police on the streets around Westminster.

Now they are going to rise again. But what has the impact of higher fees been? Have they cut student numbers? And are they worth the money?

1. How do England's fees compare with other countries?

Students in England leave university with higher debts than almost anywhere else in the developed world, the Institute for Fiscal Studies said this week.

Charging £9,250 a year for an undergraduate degree makes England a real outlier by international standards.


It's even an outlier in the UK, where Scotland has no fees for Scottish students, and fees in Wales and Northern Ireland are much lower.

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